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Cinched (Short)

Cinched (Short)

from 40.00

This simple yet uniquely constructed cap is completely reversible and can be opened up into a tube wide enough to put your head through, turning the cap into a snug headband or cowl. Or get two, put your feet through them to use as boot cuffs. Cost and care instructions determined by fiber content.

Cinched is available in Short and Long. Short, when worn as a hat, sits like a skullcap on the head, while Long is more of a slouchy hat, or a watchcap with the bottom turned up. One size fits most; for those with a larger-than-average skull circumference, custom orders may be placed for an additional fee. Please note custom orders may take additional time to fill.

Fiber Content:
Want! Gimme!

With a variety of fiber content options, you'll be sure to find an option that suits your style. For the thrifty that want vibrant and unique color options, choose a wool or wool blend ($30-$55). Feel like a bit of luxury? The Baby Alpaca/Silk/Camel/Cashmere blend is light, fluffy, and oh so cozy with deep colors that reveal unexpected depth when admired up close ($145). Or, if you avoid animal fibers because of allergies or personal reasons, a variety of vegan content options, both plant-based ($75) and synthetic ($20), can be accommodated.